We fund and partner with exceptional tech ventures.

We are experienced operators with a track record of building value. Our team works with exceptional entrepreneurs to help scale and grow their tech ventures.

How we help founders

Thesis-driven investing

Operator-led, value-driven investing where every company matters.

Longitudinal due diligence

We invest time and effort in getting to know our founders, often long before we invest. Fostering real and transparent partnerships built on trust and merit – where we truly understand how and when we can offer value – is fundamental to our investment thesis. We put huge emphasis on this research.

A team dedicated to
supporting our startups.

Our team has a dynamic mix of international, entrepreneurial, and corporate experience across a range of expertise.

Our portfolio companies

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Dedicated to a quantum-safe solution for secure data transmission and storage. Their technology, Quantum Key Distribution, establishes secure encryption keys designed to be integrated with existing infrastrucure allowing for seamless adoption of quantum-safe security measures
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MindBridge Analytics Inc. is committed to revolutionizing how internal and external audits are conducted. The tools available to auditors assessing risk in the review of financial statements are just not keeping pace with the rapid growth of financial data that is impacting corporations today.
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With Flybits, you get a deeply sophisticated system that unifies proprietary and public data in one easy-to-use dashboard. It learns from large data sets and adapts with your input in real time. As a result, information you want to share appears through your digital channels to be useful and actionable.
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Belong is the premier global platform connecting cancer patients and caregivers, offering support and resources for those impacted by the disease. The app is a one-of-a-kind experience to aid in the battle against cancer, helping users to feel less alone and more empowered in their journey.
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