We fund and partner with exceptional tech ventures.

We are experienced operators with a track record of building value. Our team works with exceptional entrepreneurs to help scale and grow their tech ventures.

How we help founders

Thesis-driven investing

Operator-led, value-driven investing where every company matters.

Longitudinal due diligence

We invest time and effort in getting to know our founders, often long before we invest. Fostering real and transparent partnerships built on trust and merit – where we truly understand how and when we can offer value – is fundamental to our investment thesis. We put huge emphasis on this research.

A team dedicated to
supporting our startups.

Our team has a dynamic mix of international, entrepreneurial, and corporate experience across a range of expertise.

Our portfolio companies

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Sibli produce high-quality investment research customized to the preferences, needs and strategy of asset managers. They leverage AI to process, summarize, and extract actionable insights from news, social media posts and company disclosures, at a massive scale.
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Substrata is a Social Signal Intelligence Platform for Professional Dealmakers and B2B Sales Professionals: it is trained to understand the "social dance" between sellers and buyers, helping you navigate the intricate maze of office politics, hierarchies, perceptions, emotions, biases, attitudes, sentiments, power dynamics and more.
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Genoox provides genetic insights from the largest real-time, real-life genomic database globally. Genoox’s cloud-based AI platform connects genetic experts and clinicians around the world, enabling them to make impactful discoveries using the most advanced genomic tools and applications.
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FeelBetter powers personalized care across the patient journey via actionable medication management. With its comprehensive SaaS solution, FeelBetter identifies high-risk patients and needed pharmaco-clinical interventions, improves resource allocation, and drives preventive care.
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